The elements of production whether moral or material

The producer needs an end. The end should be an addition to the good and not a detraction.

The producer needs a means to the end. This takes shape as policy, strategy, steps, rules for action.

The producer needs suitable material. This is stuff, and this is tools.

The producer needs freedom to move and act. This is the absence of restraint necessary for production.

The producer needs time. It is ticking.

The moral producer needs insight into what man can become. The material producer needs insight into what others and he want.

The moral producer needs insight into what the way is. The way to beatitude, the way to logos, the way to the unspeakable. The material producer needs the steps for transforming material. In both cases waste is to be avoided, efficiency is to be valued.

The moral producer needs the stuff of choice, liberty, feeling, thinkability, anything internal that can be shaped and formed. The material producer needs land, mineral, money. Tools are already transformed stuff that can improve on production. In the moral sphere these are good habits–patience, endurance, courage (even lesser amounts). In the material sphere these are machines.

The moral producer and the material producer need freedom. The primary threat to the moral and material producer is the self and distate for labor. BUT, in the material sphere the thief as other lurks and threatens much more significantly than in the moral sphere. In the moral sphere the thief is but an opportunity for moral improvement to the one stolen from.

Time is short for both.

The “good news” (gospel) that is worth spreading is that material production, if it is to be lasting and stable and deeply good, depends on moral production.

More good news. The material for moral production every man is blessed with (this is the gift of grace in its deepest sense. Grace is not the gift of the final product but the gift of material). The material for moral production is unstealable. It cannot be taken. The complication I here myself object with is the plight of the child whose material is distorted in any number of bad early environments (poor state education, poor cultural values, poor family structure).

The most misunderstood among men is that production of either kind is sustainable by force and coercion otherwise known as aggression.

The secret to both is investment. And it is investment that I now spend most of my time considering. I consider it more often in the moral realm than in the material. Next to investment.

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