To the young. Stay focused.


Focus is a muscle. It needs to be trained. Training hurts. Training for short-in-time benefit is easier. Training fro long-in-time benefit is hard. There is a reason the demographics of wealth sphere elderly. On average it takes time. The time has to be used well. Due to the distractions focus has become all the more important.

Focus on what? Production. The conversion of waste into value. Diamonds were waste until valued. Oil was waste until converted into value. Producing value through the conversion of waste requires material, labor and plan. What material, what labor and what plan are relative to demand. There are two demands.

Virtuous individuals (Maslow called them self-actualized but he was wrong that if you satisfy the demands (needs) lower in the hierarchy individuals will naturally move to the demands higher on the hierarchy) are always in demand. Since humans are limited in skill and have limitless demand/need/want they need each other. But they don’t need liars and thieves. So, produce integrity, produce temperance, produce courage, produce prudence. This is always in demand. Its production will increase the probability the greatest that you are either able to do well in tough times or able to do well in profitable times materially.

Goods that are in demand are whatever can be supplied more effectively by you than others.

The importance of focus is that production requires patience, endurance, resilience, determination. Staying on task is at the core of all of these capacities. But remember you can stay focused on the screen, on social rage, on porn, on acquiring marijuana, or on keeping up with the Jone’s. Don’t get distracted.

Good luck. It is your life. What you decide to do with it is yours. What you cannot control you cannot control. But what you can you can. Focus on what you can control. Apply yourself to what you can produce. There are few situations in which virtue cannot be produced. Virtue is your best productoin to trade for further goods. Virtue includes such basic skills as speedy learning what you are taught. Virtue includes good memory keeping up with the complex institional rules that make up even the most basic management of the material world. Virtue includes time-management. Virtue includes attitude management. Virtue includes dealing with others with bad attitudes well. Virtue involves thinking clearly about processes such that you can innovate and improve them. Virtue includes being patient when there are no opportunities for advancement but you don’t bow out. Virtue includes savings more of your meager earnings while other spend.

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