The relativity of buyers and sellers

Let it be known that the same moment of trade can be seen from the following perspectives legitimately:

The employer sells dollars and will take labor as payment.

The employee sells labor and will take dollars as payment.

The employer buys the labor of the employee with dollars.

The employee buys the dollars of the employer with his labor.

That any third party knows what is better for these buyers and sellers than those buyers and sellers is silliness. That any third party seeks to coerce any party to trade for any set amount is silliness.

That the silliness is rampant and widespread and absolutely making trouble for buyers and sellers is obvious and yet somehow the rage is elsewhere.

What would unemployment, increase in labor, decrease in idleness and despair produced by unemployment, decrease in crime that is often the result of idleness and despair, decrease in interactions with police that is the result of decreased crime, decrease in prison populations that are the result of interactions with the police mean for current social unrest and expressed rage?

How those causing all the trouble love to watch us misdirect our rage. That is so convenient for them. We topple statues. They applaud and further increase their grip over trade, buying and selling, increasing unemployment, increasing idleness and despair, increasing crime, increasing incarceration, increasing outrage.

Rinse and repeat until you grow tired of nothing changing because of the misdirection of your rage.

You might as well assault, loot, and even kill a few innocent individuals in your rage. That will help.

Published by Purilib

Anonymously interested in grasping the good life.

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