“Public-private partnerships” rhetoric

We are watching and beholding the death of liberty. Those of us living through the “pandemic” of the corona-virus are living through something. It is often not clear what we are living through until we look back in hindsight. I am placing my bets. You are also. You disagree? Your choices (and mine) are bets how it is best to proceed given the tendencies developing.

The government is at war-level spending without a war.

The government is taking competition from other nations practicing state (coercive) capitalism (an oxymoron) as an opportunity to increase its own control of economic activity in.

Even on “conservative”/”private” talk radio and I am hearing more and more talk that sounds more and more welcoming of government control and conversion into state capitalism (an oxymoron).

In talk radio I am hearing the phrase “public-private partnership”. This is where the government is teeming up with the private sector to “do good”. This is bad. At best what could be happening is that the government could be relenting in its control to increase freedom which would increase the probability of production. But any temporary suspension of power is unlikely to be a real suspension of power. It is more likely to be a strategic appearance for the power holder to increase favorability, votes or influence. And the power can be restored at any time which means those benefiting from temporary suspension better watch out.

In addition, what is likely to happen in public-private partnerships is some (who chooses?) private productivity (and it is usually the big and the powerful, sorry little, uninfluential guy) is likely to receive a competitive edge through its “partnership” with government. Once the edge is present as an incentive to private production it is likely to increase. This happened in Hoover’s efforts to cartelize private industry after the Great Depression and his eventual hesitation after he saw how business began to clamor for more and more support from government.

I do not want public-private partnerships. I want the public sector (which stands for the monopolistic power of violence and control) to be as small as possible and as weak as possible. There is no reason to expect those with the advantage of a monopoly power on violence who operate parasitically on the back of production to behave better than those who do not have a monopoly power on violence and are forced to produce to survive.

This rhetoric of public-private partnership emerges within a real or manufactured crisis. The human animal gets desperate. Then those with the monopoly on power and force that operate parasitically on the backs of production are able to hold out “help”. BUT IT IS ALWAYS TRADED FOR CONTROL and IT RARELY IS THE RIGHT KIND OF HELP. The most tragic part of all of this is that it happens voluntarily. The COLLECTIVIST loves it. He stands before his class and talks about “US”. He stands before his constituents and talks about “US”. But remember that “US” always implies a “THEM”. And when he acts to protect “US” he ALWAYS does it at the detriment of “THEM”.

The sage Jesus says, “Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened.” If “we” ask for someone else to take care of our problems, they will say “yes”. But what is only fair is that we give them control of the means to solve the problems. And, it will be up to the “problem solvers” just what means are required. Submit!

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