To those who judge policy by color of skin or property

So did Stalin and Hitler. How is your effort different? Oh. You see clearly how to divide correctly those who deserve their property, how much, and what to do with the rest. I see. Stalin saw also. So did every feudal lord.

Oh. You see clearly how to divide the colors of skin, who is rewarded, who is punished. I see. Hitler saw also. So did every slave master.

Wait, I hear, even as echo, the clamor of objection–“objection your honor! Objection! We see clearly. Hitler and Stalin saw at best with mud on their eyes.” Right, you have put yourself in the position of Hitler or Stalin with the addition of a claim to moral clarity. How is that different from Hitler or Stalin?

Wait, I hear, again the echo, the clamor of objection–“objection your honor! Objection! We are correcting historical wrongs done. When we are finished and the balance of justice is restored we will stop. We promise.” Right, by taking from some American white who’s historical lineage was oppressed by other whites or too impoverished to take advantage of what other whites took advantage of and giving or whose family arrived after the historical injustice and did nothing but resist it and giving it to some wealthy black family who had a history of slavery, or has spent generations in the North not oppressed by the historical injustice, or whose family arrived well after the historical injustice, this you have fixed and prevented?

No, how much of this kind of mistake will you make? You do not know? Oh. So, in your effort to take from some and give to others by force (assault and theft) you will commit some injustices every bit as unjust as the injustices you CLAIM you seek to redress? I say claim because I cannot be sure what your motives are. That you seek to assault and commit theft is obvious. Will you seek to redress your own current injustice as much as you seek to redress the past? If not, why not? Why are the injustices of some such a heated passion to you but the injustices of yourself are not?

Published by Purilib

Anonymously interested in grasping the good life.

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