Why the primacy of property rights?

Production requires freedom. Freedom requires property.

Without right to use X one must ask permission. From whom? From he who has rights to it of course. “It is everyone’s” How impossible. A required vote before the use of anything by anyone. How absurd.

Why are property rights fundamentally important to freedom which is fundamentally important for production of internal or external prosperity (virtue or shelter)? Because, without ownership of property one must first ask permission from he who has ownership in either case.

At the basis of any production there are two elements: matter and labor (aim, effort…Aristotle would have called this “form”). If the material is not yours your labor has no room within which or about which to move. If your labor is controlled by another or has not room within which to move it ceases to exist.

To produce virtue one must first own feeling (internal material). To produce virtue one must exert, assert, work on feeling. The product is virtue.

To produce shelter one must first own something that can be worked on or traded. Originally one has land and labor or one has only labor. Either way one can produce and exchange or one can exchange with labor. But one can only exchange labor for shelter if it is his or if the person who owns his permits.

Everything begins with ownership. Property is everything. Property rights are human rights.

You work out the implications from here. The good news (gospel) is that you cannot be alienated from your will and your feelings. They are yours to work on indefinitely. This is why moral status is primary. Where production is most probable the entrepreneur moves. And so, any reasonable entrepreneur is an entrepreneur of the soul material before any other. In addition, the work to be done is infinite, can go on at almost any moment that is not sleep or coma or induced unconsciousness due to chemical alteration.

Regarding material production you can also take note. Beware of those who talk in terms of “we” and “us”. What they usually mean is “Submit!”. In most countries where material productivity has accelerated the parasites have moved in to take advantage. To give a very rough estimate to consider. Entitlement spending (forced help) has climbed to roughly 18% of GDP (gross domestic product). What that means is that on-average 18 out of 100 hours of labor by each productive person is taken by coercion by those who have that power and distributed by them in ways they deem best. Your labor is to that degree not free. Submit!

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