Rhetoric and control

From Szaz, The Medicalization of Everyday Life.

“…he who controlled the vocabulary controlled the debate and was assured of victory.”

Look out for speech control. It is not innocent. The only alternative is liberty.

We choose who is “guilty” and who is “excused”. Watch. He is excused because of his “background” and we choose background. He is guilty because of his background. Both acted the same, but we choose which actions are worth treatment in which ways.

He said something that had another said it we would condemn. But he is excused. It is not what he meant. And, we choose what he meant. However, he, said something that was not explicitly bad, but it is condemnable. He meant something else. And we choose what he meant.

Who are we? We are those who confront you with anger and threats of violence if you do not bow before our interpretation of things. Bow or else! We burn, we destroy, we assault, we murder. But it is all excused because of the words we choose to frame it with. But you. You do not join us in our pillage and plunder. By your refusal to join we know what words are in your head. You will be condemned for your refusal to join.

We “condemn the power structure”. And we define the power structure as not us. Why? Away with questions. We do not allow them. We decide what may be talked about in what way at what times and with what words defined in what ways. And we do not suffer resistors. We are the resistance by definition! Resist or else.

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