Szaz on self-conversation

“In short, prayer is autologue validated by religion; whereas hallucination is autologue invalidated by psychiatry. (From pg. 13 of The Meaning of Mind).

There is so much to think about here.

On the offense taken by the religious. Relax, it is not that we are not talking to another. It is that to the degree that we want to talk about our talking technically, and recognize the inability to verify any other interlocutor as the listener it is best, technically, described as autologue.

On the offense taken by the believer in psychiatry or the currently prescribed and “helped”. Here we run up against the power of the therapeutic state one of whose primary agents is the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist is the peddler of drugs the state allows. The psychiatrist takes the reports from teachers about students who are too rowdy and recommends drugs which the parent must except or see their student potentially consigned to the “special education” status. The psychiatrist may decide whether you are guilty of crime or excused by disease of the brain. The psychiatrist may decide that you are best involuntarily institutionalized. And, in the above quote: the psychiatrist may decide whether that which makes us human–thought (otherwise known since ancient times as self-discourse)–is human or a sign of madness or insanity. The psychiatrist has the power of dehumanization.

That’s right. What makes someone schyzophrenic (and so excused for attempting assassination on Presiden Reagan as was John Hinckley!) or human is now decided by authorities with no in principle distinction between the two.

The tentacles of the therapeutic state are only growing. Do I hear voices? ABSOLUTELY. It is what qualifies me as human. Do the voices disagree? ABSOLUTELY. This is internal consideration, weighing, thinking. Am I schyzophrenic or multiple personality? Well, that depends on what distinguishes those categories from the essentially human! Does the essence of being human now find itself condemned under law to the jail that is now the hospital and consigned to punishment that is now forced chemical suppression of human personality? It is well entrenched in our modern society.

“We” say your thinking may look like this, but not that. “We” say you may have these chemicals distributed by these men, but not those. “We” say when you are responsible for crime and when not. “We” say when some students are to be given leniency and others held to rigorous standard. “We” say that homosexuality is disease. Oh, no its not. But hearing voices sure is…sometimes. And not liking small faces is a disease…sometimes. And really wanting sexual pleasure, or food, or power is a disease we call addiction…sometimes. And having fear is a disease…sometimes. When? When “we” think it is! Oh, keep alert for updates. “Our” determinations are in flux and modifiable upon our whim.

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