The analogy between indulgences and climate change government spending.

In both there is the unverifiable catastrophe in the distant (but not too distant) future. In the Catholic church there is the final judgment where ones behavior now is going to result in some pain and suffering later. In the climate change church there is no end to the catastrophes: increased natural disaster, starvation, violence…Either way it is hell.

In both there is a way out. In the Catholic church an indulgence could be payed to reduce pain and suffering. In the climate change church there is a similar claim. Taxes. Climate taxes. Taxes that are going to assuage the angry forces that will otherwise overwhelm us with trouble.

In both cases we are to trust “authorities” who claim to have insight beyond what the average man can get at. In both cases there were or are those raking it in on the claims. Follow the money. Right now our government is imposing penalties or crushing regulations on those trying to produce goods that we are asking for. There is a tremendous amount of funding for “studies” which seem inevitably to produce results that are in line with the forces that would like power over free markets. There is a tremendous amount of subsidizing of business ventures to enable “alternative” energies to compete with what has worked so far: coal, oil, nuclear.

In both cases to speak against the orthodoxy was or is to risk banishment or ostracism.

The difference between the two? The catastrophe pointed to by the Catholic church, of judgment and punishment, we are in some very real sense unable to verify. We are blocked from verification in a very legitimate sense. In the climate change case the possibility of NOT following the Catholic church is available. The claim is about this earthly realm which we can collect data on, make predictions about. We are not similarly blocked from verification. There are many reasons to try and put the breaks on. I will not go through them in detail here. But here are starting considerations:

The history of science and the history of failed prediction

The complexity of the system we are trying to predict

The counter-evidence already present in geological history which show clear evidence of significant changes in climate, CO2, sea-levels, temperature well before the industrial age.

The current failure of the best climate change models to predict actual data we are getting now about temperature.

The hope? There was a Reformation. The fear? It was bloody as imaginable. When men have seized power and found a way to control others and become dependent on living off of the breast of other men’s labor they rage when the breast is removed. Maybe a post coming about the amount of tax dollars transferred to scientists and other “scholars” as well as advocacy groups and businesses who push the agenda. They are not happy that some say they would like to throw off the climate change welfare program. But how much can he who pays tolerate?

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