The Impossibility of Progress

Says the sage: “Be unwilling to change in regard to the good. Be willing and ready to change whenever the version of the good aimed at shows itself to be inadequate.”

Says the pupil: “But I am stuck.”

Sage: “Is there nothing that is good to you?”

Pupil: “I hesitate to give an answer for want of the account that will be demanded.”

Sage: “I asked whether you aimed, not whether you could justify your aiming.”

Pupil: “Yes, I aim.”

Sage: “Then you may put in practice the principle with which we began.”

Pupil: “But I am stuck. I cannot both be committed to change and changelessness. I cannot think it.”

Sage: “I never said anything about thinking. Rogue. Know your place. Become first. Then thinking will be worthwhile. It is a testimony to the quality of your character and the value of thought that you are stuck.”

Pupil: “Is it evidence for something? I want to learn.”

Sage: “Not evidence little one, testimony. You are not even hearing. Will you but listen? Evidence requires thought and argument. Testimony is what Moses encountered in the burning bush. Your stuck-ness is a burning bush. Go and return when you have learned the lesson.”

Pupil: “But teacher, I have so many questions.”

Sage: “Rogue! Go!”

Published by Purilib

Anonymously interested in grasping the good life.

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