When the sacred text deems itself irrelevant

Again the qualification that I am a lover of the pursuit of deep reality. I am only interested in refining it. The challenge and disparagement is only meant to target the superficial or cheap or fake in the pursuit of deep reality. Romans 1:19-20 says the following: 19 since what may be known about God is [...]

When the sacred text eliminates security in club status

I refer here to what is commonly called Christianity. I target it not for its uniqueness in this regard but for its familiarity in my part of the world. And, I would want to pass the same criticism to any other club claiming any verifiability of membership. Finally, I do not say that there is [...]

On Escaping Reality

What I am interested in is wrongful hiding from, escaping, avoiding. That presupposes that there is rightful hiding, escaping, avoiding. One of the things I love about moral analysis is that the more nuanced and elevated and rarefied my considerations the less verifiable. At the top is the ineffable and unverifiable divine. Kierkegaard proved to [...]

The voice crying out in the wilderness…Prepare the way…

The image so saturated with feeling. The wilderness, so sparse, so bland, so lacking in that which supports life, so hot (or cold), so dry, so inhospitable. Where does the voice come from? How does one prepare anything in a wilderness? The wilderness is the condition of the soul when it has found this world [...]

“Mining is bad for the environment”

Says the "concerned" on internet chat via copper wire, on a computer made possible by rare earth minerals and other metals, via energy produced with coal, gas or the cleanest and most hated uranium. The "concerned" is able to have this internet chat because of free time made possible because of a highly organized society [...]