POST 4: Expectations about production process

We will begin with the production process of anything and move into the production process of beautiful soul-art specifically. Production requires material (material cause). The material is not feeling as much as that which is the source of the shape of feeling. This is character. Production requires a producer (efficient cause). The efficient cause of [...]

2.4: Blessed (happy) are the poor in spirit

A note on beginnings--beginnings are everything. Beginnings have the greatest impact on trajectory, tendency, direction. Think about the firing of an arrow. Where it ends is wholly determined on the beginnings-and we can travel from the hand to the eye, from the eye to the agency feeling and weighing color presented with tactile pressure in [...]

1.3: Ideal Models for production guidance

Check prior posts "1.2" and "1.1" for the initial trajectory of what is being worked on here. We are interested in soul-art, the development of character, and today after asking "What is character (1.2)" we ask "What model do we look to for production? (1.3)" Plato is my inspiration for this question and the demand [...]

On not spending

Not spending presupposes homesteading, production or trade. These are the only ways in which one can have property to not spend. You are the homesteader of your body (energy, attention, muscle, blood, brain, feeling, choice). How else do you do anything with it without asking permission from anyone else? Once homesteaded, work toward production or [...]

POST 1.2: What is Character?

(the second in a several part series coming out on Tuesdays and Fridays. Regular programming continues.) Start with PART 1 if interested: What is character? What would you say dear reader? Human character refers not to the shape of the body but to the shape of the soul. I will freely speak poetically for [...]